Natural Hair Gel For Curly Kids

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So I just love my little girls curls. She was born with a head full of hair and curls to go with it. Her curls are so beautiful when I spray here hair with water, then a few minutes later the fuzz kicks in. Her curls are so sensitive to touch that even sitting in her car seat results in the curls going away and the wild crazy hair coming out to play.

I have tried so many products to get her hair to keep its curls for longer than 3 minutes. The problem with so many hair products is that they are loaded with chemicals; chemicals that I would rather not expose my little one year old to just for vanity. So I went on a search for a natural product. While I found a few “natural products” (I use quotes because their idea of natural and my idea of natural are clearly two different things) the products never quite held her hair. The styling product would make her curls look nice for a few extra minutes but could not stand up to the busy frolicking life of a toddler. So on a few occasions I went against my better mom sense, mostly for pictures, and applied a hair gel that is not natural. While the gel worked, I just could not feel good about putting those chemicals on my little ones scalp.

I love my little girls curls but this is what her hair looks like after a little bit if I don’t put gel in it!

I knew there had to be a better way to help my one year old maintain her beautiful curls without exposing her to harsh chemicals that would be obsorbed into her body. That is when the idea came to me. I got the idea to make my own hair gel for her.

I realized I had a great 100% pure bottle of Aloe Vera already in my home. It dawned on me that Aloe Vera has a very similar texture to commercial hair gels. I started looking into it and it turns out that Aloe Vera is very beneficial to hair as well. Aloe Vera acts as a natural conditioner that helps your hair look shiny and smooth. It can help keep your hair in great condition through the many vitamins naturally contained in the plant. I encourage you to look up the benefits of the plant. Since I am not a scientist I won’t explain all of the science behind Aloe Vera and what it can do for you but I definelty encourage you to do a quick search on the subject, my search is making me want to start growing my own Aloe Vera plant.

After reading up on Aloe Vera I decided that I had nothing to lose by giving it a try on my daughter’s hair. I also wanted to add a little more to it to give it even more benefits for styling and nourishing her hair.

We are essential oil users in my house. I love all that essential oils can do to keep my family feeling well. Three oils that are particular beneficial to supporting hair wellness are cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary. Not only do these oils support hair wellness but they have so many other benefits to using them regularly.


  • Cedarwood can be massaged into the scalp for the appearance of healthy looking hair
  • It’s aroma can create a comforting, calming and relaxing atmosphere
  • It can help you enjoy the outdoors annoyance-free


  • Can be used to compliment hair products
  • Has a calming scent to help you unwind


  • Supports a healthy lifestyle regimen and overall wellness

The above list of the oil benefits are only some ways that the oils are useful to helping our bodies and minds feel well. I encourage you too look into the benefits of all of these oils more. If you are interested in getting started with oils, I would love to help you. You can read more about getting started with oils here.

What I love about the combination of Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lavender is the diversity of benefits that comes with using each one. While they are all great at helping create a gel that styles my little ones hair, they are also benefiting her overall wellness at the same time. Plus, I don’t know if you noticed two of the three oils create a calming and relaxing environment….yes please! I don’t think I know a mother of a toddler who wouldn’t like to create some calm and relaxation around them! Why not keep that scent with them in their hair product throughout the day.

Recipe for Aloe Vera Essential Gel

Making the gel is really simple. You only need a few ingredients:

I personally will only use Young Living Oils on my family. I explain more about that in this article. I would not feel comfortable using other oils on her head because a lot of oils that claim to be pure actually have other ingredients in them. These oils tend to not be as effective and I just don’t trust them to touch my one year old’s skin.

  1. I like to mix this up as I need it for my daughter. I will basically do a couple of pumps of Aloe Vera Gel (about 1 Tablespoon ) into a small container
  2. Then I will add a drop of lavender, a drop of cedarwood and a drop rosemary to the gel
  3. Next I stir it all up
  4. Finally apply it to your hair. I usually wet my daughters hair with a spray bottle and then I apply the gel. I like to rub it in between my hands and then run my hands gently through my daughters hair pulling out her curls to help them form.

Although I like to make this as I go along you could also make up a batch of it ahead of time and keep it in a squirt bottle or mason jar. Simply figure out about how many tablespoons of of gel it takes to fill your container. For example, if you want to create an 8 oz bottle of gel you would need about 16 tablespoons to fill it. However the essential oils will take up some room too so I would do about 14 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel, 14 drops of cedarwood, 14 drops of lavender and 14 drops of rosemary.

I hope you love this gel as much as I do and that it works for your little one. If you try it let me know how it went in the comments below. Pllease subscribe to the blog for more great ideas.

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