Multi-Digit Multiplication Strategy: Lattice Method

A different approach to multi-digit multiplication!

So one of my favorite things to teach is multiplication. There are so many different ways to teach the same thing and I love the flexibility it offers. After my students have built basic knowledge of how to multiply simple facts they start to move onto how to multiply single-digit numbers by multi-digit numbers and then multi-digit numbers by multi-digit numbers. One strategy for multi-digit multiplication I love to incorporate in my classroom is the Lattice Method.

Lattice Method is a great strategy to approach multiplication in a different way than the traditional method. From my years of teaching, I have learned that it is so important to have many different tools to pull from when helping kids learn new content. We all learn so differently and some methods work better than others for certain kids. I find Lattice to be tricky for some kids because it is visually overwhelming. Some kids are able to get this method before they can grasp other methods so play around with the different methods to find what works for your kiddo. Some of the other methods for multi digit multiplication are the area method and the traditional method.

Here is my video on how to use the Lattice Method:

Video on Lattice Multiplication

If your child is already multiplying with other methods, Lattice can be a great way to challenge your child’s thinking. One way I love to do this is to set up a lattice box like what you saw in the video and only fill in certain parts. Without saying anything to your child I try to see what patterns they notice. Then I will see if they can complete the boxes. Generally coming up with the addition part and reading the outside of the box for the answer is hard for kids. If they have figured out the pattern and filled out the inside of the box I will often show another completed example to see if they can figure out what to do next. Another idea is to add a few of the columns but not all of them to see if they can figure it out that way.  It is fun to present Lattice as a challenge question. When choosing to present it as a challenge question your child needs to understand another method first.

I hope you will give Lattice Multiplication a try with your child. If you are finding this post after feeling like you can’t help your child with their homework because it is not how you learned; I hope that this post has helped you to feel empowered to support your child like you have been doing this method all along.  Comment below to let me know what questions you have or how this technique worked for you

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